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Cost-Effective Plant Relocation Services in Toronto

No matter whether you’re in the GTA, Northern Ontario, elsewhere in Canada or the US, Lalonde Machinery Movers Ltd. has 50+ years’ experience in safe, cost--effective plant relocation services in Toronto, GTA and across Ontario. If you need a turnkey solution, from moving equipment like metal stamping machines to transporting them to warehousing or electrical installation, Lalonde Machinery Movers Ltd. has probably handled those duties before. The purpose of using a turnkey solution is to avoid the hassle of setting up your own in-house solution.

Need Lift Truck Services

We have specialized forklifts for up to 140,000 lbs.

Worldwide Turnkey Solutions

We’re fully insured and family owned and a member of the Specialized Crane & Rigging Association (SCRA). We provide services to the following industries: automotive, printing, food and beverage, textile, plastics, aerospace and pharmaceutical. Call us if you need the following:

  • Rigging / machine moving

  • Commercial and industrial plant moves / relocations

  • Movement / installation of all types of heavy equipment

  • Disconnects and reconnects of machinery

  • Electrical installation

  • Mechanical installation

  • Air, water, hydraulic, gas line installation

  • Exhaust and ductwork

  • Refrigerant lines

  • Trucking

  • Loading / offloading of equipment

  • Machinery transportation

  • Over-dimensional loads

  • Oversized transport

  • Overweight transport

  • Tilt ‘n’ load service

  • Step-deck trailers

  • Float service

  • Mini deck service

  • Roll-tight

  • Machine assembly level anchor and commission
  • Concrete core drilling

  • Precision levelling and anchoring machines

  • Preventive maintenance programs

  • Machine service support

  • Equipment packaging/crating and freight forwarding

  • Warehousing

  • Storage

  • Crating of equipment

  • Blocking / bracing of containers

  • Door-to-door freight forwarding services

  • Worldwide turnkey solutions

  • Lift truck services

  • Specialized forklifts up to 140,000 lbs

  • Fork extensions

  • Hydraulic boom attachments

  • Propane electric battery

  • Die carts

  • Hoisting crane and gantry service

  • Mobile cranes

  • Boom trucks

  • Rough-terrain cranes

  • Broderson® cranes

  • Man lifts

  • Gantry legs – up to 400 ton

Discuss Your Project

Get in touch with Lalonde Machinery Movers Ltd. today to discuss your project. We provide cost-effective plant relocation services in Toronto, the GTA and across Ontario.

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